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We will shape your success with our electric motors.

Made-to-measure drives by Antriebstechnik Radike GmbH have a future. Their high efficiency ensures successful application in innovative machine concepts.

Many global and regional industries choose Antriebstechnik Radike GmbH as their reliable, long-term business partner. All of them build on the success model of fulfilling clients’ requests based on standard technology modules with high standards of quality.

Our processes are consistently aimed towards the requirements of performance-oriented manufacturers of machines and systems. This company philosophy is also reflected in our business model.

Together with you, we develop a solution that guarantees your success.

Motor categories

  • three-phase asynchronous motor
  • three-phase synchronous motor
  • three-phase servo motor
  • DC serially connected machine
  • DC twin connected machine
  • DC separately excited
  • DC permanently excited
  • torque motor
  • synchronous generator
  • asynchronous generator
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