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Repair of electric motors, pumps and other devices

Our authorized repair department guarantees specialized repair of:

  • servo motors
  • gear motors
  • electric motors
  • DC motors
  • pumps
  • and torque motors

Our repair service includes new winding, re-winding, bar winding and random winding, as well as the replacement of bearings and maintenance of three-phase, AC and DC motors, gears of all construction sizes and the repair of pumps of all types.

Unsere Reparaturabteilung
Unsere Reparaturabteilung
Unsere Reparaturabteilung
Unsere Reparaturabteilung

Specialized repairs of servo motors, torque motors and many more

Radike Drive Technologies from Warendorf in Germany is your reliable and experienced repair partner when it comes to:

  • Maintenance and repair of crane and conveyor systems, generators and pump systems
  • Balancing and fine balancing of rotors and ventilators
  • Balancing work on location
  • Revision work, assembly work, preventative fault analysis with state-of-the-art testing devices
  • Mounting and rotating of shafts and bearing shields, and refurbishment of broken shafts
  • We are certified for explosion prevention / ATEX testing according to § 14 Para. 6 of the Work Safety Regulations
  • We have our own pick-up and delivery service
  • UVV testing
  • Modernizing out-of-date systems
  • Repairing drives up to 8 t weight per unit

Electric motor repair by Radike Drive Technologies in Warendorf, Germany

We are a renowned company for drive engineering offering an extensive product and service range. Take a look at our services:

Pump technology
  • Repair and service of all electric pumps from ABS pumps to Zuwa pumps for conveyor media of all types
  • 24-hour service for the delivery ofmechanical seals
  • We have our own test benches for pumps, generators and motors including performance testing
Our Services
  • 24-hour service
  • Testing on location
  • Fast analysis and cost estimate
  • Alternatives and assistance
  • Repair in our own authorized workshop
  • Maintenance appropriate to the motor
  • We have our own pick-up and delivery service
  • At your request we will create test reports
Your advantages
  • The highest level of flexibility
  • Low administration and time requirements
  • Problem solving via outsourcing
  • Faster, more economical repairs
  • Quick, short service routes
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